'Your bike is in safe hands'

Stay in love with your bike

Imagine a bicycle that never needs to be repaired. That is what we technicians dream of. That is not even impossible, as long as you take good care of your bike.

And have it overhauled in time. We recommend that you come by every year for a check-up. Then we inspect your bike down to the smallest details, we measure the wear, look for potential problems and solve them immediately.

Do you notice something strange while cycling? Is your bike losing power, are the lights flickering or is something cracking? It is best to come to our studio as soon as possible. Such a problem is quickly resolved during small maintenance, and that is often much cheaper than a repair.

We will take care of your bike

Fietsen jurgen jurgen


Fietsen Jurgen Olivier


Fietsen jurgen jurgen


Fietsen Jurgen Olivier



Active workshops for active cyclists. With focus on a particular brand, bicycle type, part or much more. Register and be inspired.

Even more cycling pleasure

Frequently asked questions

Certainly. All bicycles are welcome, we look at all possibilities for a repair in the workshop.

Making an appointment is possible and recommended, but not mandatory.

Certainly. We always charge € 25 research costs for this.

We have a limited number of rental bicycles. So it is best to call in advance to reserve one.

If your bicycle is truly irreparable, you can leave it with us so that we will recycle it.

We estimate the expected time when you bring the bike in. Our goal is to return your bike within 48 hours, but unfortunately, the crowds in the workshop do not always allow this.

Extra fietsdiensten​


Lap, spare key lost. Or do you want to have an extra key made? That's quick to get fixed.


Cycling without worries: let your bike insure against theft and/or damage. The cycling assistance on the road is a nice extra.

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There are currently no workshops planned. As soon as new workshops and info evenings are scheduled we will send you an e-mail.